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A Clean Life

How's your LIFEBUOY? DUZ it seem as if your days just DREFT along with the TIDE?  Can't seem to find any CHEER?

Come to Jesus and find real JOY.  Put some ZEST into your step.  He can cleanse and make you SPIC AND SPAN.  Then you can begin a new ERA in life by giving Him your ALL.  You will GAIN eternal Life with the Lord.  It will seem like the DAWN of an IRISH SPRING morning.

Next Sunday, WHISK yourself out of bed and come to worship.

Better yet, DIAL a friend to come with you.  Who knows?  Maybe both of you will be able to SHOUT...OLAY!  Then you can stand HEAD AND SHOULDERS above those who don't know HIM.

If you fall along the way...and you will, don't worry.  All you need to do is send an SOS to God.  He will forgive you.  Then when Jesus comes back to claim His own, you will soar like a DOVE to meet Him in the air.

written by Laura Gale Wolfe