Our Vision:
            To be a faithful growing church that exhibits care for one another, deep Christian spirituality, and a desire to seek what is right for God’s children.

   We are pleased to have guests and members attend our worship services, in which we glorify our Creator and preach the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. 
Here, we strive to provide Christians with a place where they can:
Enter to corporate worship and leave to serve and develop relationships with others 
Grow in their walk with the Lord  
In their life put their faith into action through Christ-centered service. 

About Us
Inspired by GOD, we aim: 
-to increase community awareness of Jesus Christ and spread 
the gospel 
-to help people grow and learn by faith
-to be a light in a dark world

-to encourage others to be obedient to Christ 

Come and join us in our worship!
A Going Church for a Coming Savior